2.B.7 - Soda Ash Production

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2.B.7 Soda Ash Production T1 NS C no key source

In Germany, soda ash is produced only chemically.

The country has 3 production facilities, all of which use the Solvay process. In former years there were facilities with higher emissions from ammonia in new german Länder, emissions of NH3 after 1992 occur at a lower level.


Activity data

The Federal Statistical Office determines the total amounts of soda ash produced in Germany, but only regarding confidentiality.

Emission factor

Emission factors (for TSP and NH3) are confidential regarding activity data restrictions.

Discussion of emission trends

The steep reduction especially for NH3 at the beginning of the 1990s was due to closures in the eastern German industrial sector. For year 1990 for eastern Germany is in case of TSP pointed out the summary figure for the Chemical Industry as a whole.


With activity data and emission factors remaining unrevised, no recalculations have been carried out compared to last year's submission.

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