2.C.3 - Aluminium Production

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Short description

The category 2.C.3 - Aluminium production is sub-divided into primary aluminium and secondary aluminium.

In Germany, primary aluminium is produced in electrolytic furnaces with pre-baked anodes. The pre-baked anodes are produced in separate anode production plants, where petroleum coke and tar pitch are mixed subsequently baked. This process produces PAH emissions. Hence, the aluminium production is a trend key category for PAH (TIER-2-method, TIER-3-method).

Secondary aluminium is produced in several different furnace types. According to different scrap qualities, the emissions in secondary aluminium industries are varying.

Methodological issues

Activity data

The production figures for the year 2016 were taken from the annual statistical report of the German association for non-ferrous metals [1].

The total quantity of waste gas incurred per tonne of aluminium during the production of primary aluminium was multiplied by an average concentration value formed from several individual figures, from various different plants, with appropriate weighting.

Emission factors

The emission factors also make allowance for fugitive emission sources, such as emissions via hall roofs.

The emission figures used for CO are the results of emission measurements within the context of investment projects.
The emission factors for SO2 are calculated from the specific anode consumption. The anodes consist of petrol coke; this material has a specific sulphur concentrations of about 1.2 %, from which an SO2 emission factor of 10.4 kg/t Al can be calculated.
The average anode consumption is 430 kg of petrol coke per tonne of aluminium.

The following table shows some process-related emission factors.

Table 1: Emission factors applied
pollutant Activity / Process EF unit Trend
PAH anode production 300 mg/t constant
CO primary aluminium 180 kg/t constant
SO2 primary aluminium 7.341 kg/t constant
TSP primary aluminium 0.83 kg/t falling
PM10 primary aluminium 0.7055 kg/t falling
PM2.5 primary aluminium 0.581 kg/t falling
TSP resmelted aluminium 0.055 kg/t constant
PM10 resmelted aluminium 0.047 kg/t constant
PM2.5 resmelted aluminium 0.03843 kg/t constant


With activity data and emission factors remaining unrevised, no recalculations have been carried out compared to last year's submission.

Planned improvements

At the moment, no category-specific improvements are planned.

1. German association for non-ferrous metals (WirtschaftsVereinigung Metalle): Annual statistical report: http://www.wvmetalle.de/die-wvm/
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