Key Category Analysis HCB

The tables below show detailed information on how the key categories for HCB were calculated.


Source Emissions in 2012 (g) Proportion HCB
1.A.1.a Public Electricity and Heat Production 1.5E-06 42.60% 42.60%
1.A.4.b.i Residential: Stationary plants 1.2E-06 33.88% 76.48%
2.C.5.a Copper Production 6.8E-07 19.21% 95.69%


Source Emissions in 1990 (g) Emissions in 2012 (g) Contribution to trend HCB
1.A.1.a Public Electricity and Heat Production 3.8E-06 1.5E-06 69.48% 69.48%
1.A.4.b.i Residential: Stationary plants 6.4E-07 1.2E-06 15.29% 84.77%
2.C.5.a Copper Production 5.3E-07 6.8E-07 6.53% 91.29%
1.A.1.c Manufacture of Solid Fuels and Other Energy Industries 1.0E-07 5.7E-09 2.63% 93.92%
1.A.2.f.i Stationary Combustion in Manufacturing Industries and Construction: Other 8.2E-08 7.4E-09 2.01% 95.94%
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